YPDaily: Margot Grant Witz

The Elizabeth Grant Skin Care cosmetics and skin care line is by far one of the most known and long-lasting brands in the business. It has endured the test of time and today Margot Grant Witz, a Young Professional takes charge of the brand as it continues to grow and evolve. Get to know Margot Grant Witz today on Notable.

Notable: What is your Name and age?
Margot Grant Witz, 26

Notable: What is the name of the company you work for and what industry is it in?
Margot Grant Witz: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care (cosmetics and skin care)



Notable: Elevator Pitch (we just met on an elevator, we have 30 seconds together in the elevator, please describe your business):
Margot Grant Witz: How would you like to have plastic surgery in a bottle? No pain needed, just the results.

Notable: Why did you get involved in your industry, why this one, what was the inspiration?
Margot Grant Witz: It is my grandmother’s business from 65 years ago, and even with all the other work I have done, this company gives me the outlet to be creative, hands on and more so, to give back to people all around the world. My voice is heard here and respected, not because I am the granddaughter but because I worked hard for it.

Notable: What is the best part of what you do on a day-to-day basis?
Margot Grant Witz: It’s always changing. It’s never the same project or even location as the day before. So very little down time/boring time.

Notable: What is the most challenging part of your job?
Margot Grant Witz: There are thousands of balls in the air at any given time, whether it’s our employees or the changes in the global market. The trends in skin care change all the time, from the ingredients to the logistics. It’s about knowing our consumer, their community standards, and being ahead of the trends.

Notable: Where do you see yourself going in 5 years?
Margot Grant Witz: Continuing to grow the business to make sure we hit a type of global recognition aka making my company a household brand. I wouldn’t mind being in the south of France either.

Notable: Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
Margot Grant Witz: Work hard and dream big. My generation has a lot of grandiose ideas and concepts about “what they want.” But how to get there? A lot of people have no clue. Success doesn’t come overnight and if it does, it doesn’t mean it will last.

Notable: What is your greatest asset as it relates to business?
Margot Grant Witz: The gift of gab and a brain for business. It’s how my mind works … I will look at something and think how can I make this work?

Notable: What does success look like to you?
Margot Grant Witz: A quote on my wall in the office is the following “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin. A lot of people think success is measured on a financial level however- that is just a part of it. Money can come, and money can go. But to constantly push yourself to be better then you are or thought you could be …while enjoying it? That’s the best plan for success.

Notable: What is the most memorable milestone in your career?
Margot Grant Witz: I haven’t hit my most memorable milestone in my career yet … some people may think this is a bad thing, me? I couldn’t ask for any better challenge.

Notable: Do you support any charities? If so, which one(s) and why is that important to you?
Margot Grant Witz: Yes! It’s important to give back, my grandmother has always taught me if you have two coins in your pocket and there is someone in need, give them the second coin. Cancer and animals are my biggest charities close to my heart. I sit on the board of the CCTFA (Canadian Cosmetics Toiletries fragrance Association) who leads the Charity LGFB (Look Good Feel Better) which is an association that holds 1200 seminars for a group of either 12 women or 12 teenage girls at a time, to teach them how to look good, and feel better while facing the challenges of Cancer/Chemo. Attitude is everything in the cancer battle, we all know being a teenager is hard enough, let alone add the physical affects of chemo is only that much tougher. This foundation gives a chance for women to be seen beyond just the disease. It is so important and I love that I am a part of it. Also, this year I have reached out to local women’s shelters because frankly, everyone deserves a chance to feel good about themselves.

Notable: What is Notable to you?
Margot Grant Witz: My two ‘Elizabeth’s’, Taylor and Grant.

Notable: Anything Else?
Margot Grant Witz: Keep smiling. In business there may be a hell of a lot of ‘no’s’ but there will also be a hell of a lot of ‘yes’s … if you dream big enough and work hard enough to get them.