YP Style Profile: Sophie Lee

Name: Sophie Lee

Position: Assistant Sales Manager at HOW International  

Tell us a little about your style.
Working in fashion is perfect for me in so many ways. I love trends, textiles, and people – and I don’t have to wear a pencil skirt and blouse to work. I only own one pencil skirt; it’s a leather One Teaspoon number. These days, I’ve adopted an abundance of the best ripped jeans ever, Awesome Baggies by One Teaspoon. Then they came out with the overall. I mean, if you don’t work in fashion I probably sound like a complete nutter, but it was a BIG deal. So, naturally, I bought them in two colours. Lauren Moshi is my favourite line of printed tees – they’re timeless, easy, and SO comfy. Lastly, my Miista shoes are definitely a summer closet staple. I wear them with everything. 

What are you wearing right now?
One Teaspoon overalls, Lauren Moshi tank, Nike Roche, Ray Ban sunnies.

Other outfits pictured?
For Love and Lemons crop top and skirt, Top Shop Boutique heels, sunglasses I picked up at a flea market in Cannes.

TORN by Ronny Kobo crop top and skirt, Joe’s Jeans corduroy jacket,  Zara heels, limited edition Balenciaga purse, Ray Ban sunnies.

Favorite labels?
For Love and Lemons
TORN by Ronny Kobo
ONExOne Teaspoon
Celine ready-to-wear and accessories

Fashion/beauty pet peeves?
I’m usually pretty lax when it comes to how other people dress. As long as socks are matching and privates are covered (or just), it’s a good day. I guess if I had to pin point one pet peeve, it would be belted sweaters. Why? Nothing looks flattering “cinched” in knit. Another one would have to be lack of originality, like girls who wear Herve Leger, Louboutins and Chanel and consider themselves uber fashionistas; obnoxiously going overboard with designers is the worst. I really value originality in style.

Cities that influence your style?
London and Melbourne. Maybe I’m biased because I grew up in England and I want to live in Australia at some point in my life, but let’s roll with it. I love London style because they are not afraid to mix and match colours and patterns, it’s almost like some outfits are so bad they’re good. They also are masters of layering; it’s so bloody damp and cold year-round, they don’t have much choice. Australia is slowly but surely becoming one of the world’s best-dressed nations. The friendly climate, surf culture, and strong outdoor aesthetic are all captured in the local designers’ flair, all of which suits my personality. 

What’s in your closet?
A LOT. My closet is almost the same size as my bedroom, so I’m sure you can imagine the excess of clothing I have collected over the seasons. I always make sure to have new white tees on hand (I think it’s important to replace them every so often to keep them looking fresh), many vintage inspired t-shirts, so much denim I could clothe a small country (and they’d look chic), an abundance of summer dresses and crop top and skirt ensembles. The “average Joe” would feel really uncomfortable and maybe even nauseous in my closet due to the mix of colour and patterns. I just received an order for For Love and Lemon Skivvies, the lingerie line to For Love and Lemons, and it is ridiculous. Anyone who doesn’t know me would think I’m a total freak. Then again, the ones who do know me would probably agree. I love hats – sun hats, caps, pork pies, beanies, you name it, I love it. And sunglasses. My most recent purchases were two pairs of Ray Bans (pictured).  My purse collection is small but growing, consisting of my limited edition Balenciaga, a caviar Celine Phantom, and a Louis Vuitton cross body messenger bag, and many other less recognizable gems I have picked up along the way.

Style advice for young professionals?
I’m currently writing this wearing a silk suit; blue polka dot silk pants and a blue silk smoking jacket, and converse, so I may not be the best person to ask for style advice, but I would say showing too much skin is not acceptable at work, and always make sure your clothes are pressed and proper. First impressions are the most important, and your outfit speaks for you. 

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