YP Style Profile: Sandrine Bohbot

Sandrine Bohbot projects an edgy sophistication by putting a spin on classic pieces and turns the simplest of outfits into something lady-like with a fresh collegiate panache. Her style and demeanor is reminiscent of Anastasia Steele’s in 50 Shades of Grey, as her natural shyness is immediately juxtaposed by her ability to light up a room.

Sandrine’s classic, effortless look gives her the confidence she needs to enter an unfamiliar board room. Her style is strongly influenced by Montblanc’s romantic heritage collection, which symbolizes longevity and perfection.

Job: Director of Business Development at Montblanc Boutiques in Quebec; works at Montblanc store in Carrefour Laval.

Currently wearing: Zara leggings and shirt – Daylight blazer – YSL shoes – LV purse – American Apparel sweater – Montblanc watch and jewelry; Family Jeweler (Bijouterie Joel) and Tiffany bracelet – Montblanc sunglasses.

Favourite labels: I don’t focus too much on labels. I am more interested in the cut of the clothes than in the designer. I just love brands that have simplicity to their pieces, yet still manage to stand apart. I think brands like Mackage, Elizabeth and James, DVF, Margiela, to name a few, represent just that. I am slightly more label-oriented when it comes to shoes and accessories, but I prefer pieces that are discreet and give confidence.

Fashion and beauty pet peeves: I don’t like when people try to hide behind their clothes. Anything that is overdone – it’s all about balance. UGGS are not fashionable and should never be worn with a skirt or a dress. I also hate branded pieces – really big logos or prints can be very tacky.

What’s in her closet? Like most girls, Zara definitely dominates my closet. I love variety and versatility; being able to wear the same shirt and making it look completely different every time. I also probably have every colour blazer! I have a collection of dresses that are always fun to wear. I’m all about statement pieces; all black everything paired with a printed blazer or a killer pair of shoes or purse. Handbags are my favourite kind of art!

Cities that influence her style? I love the fashion in Montreal. I think that people here are so expressive of their unique personalities and I think that’s what’s so charming about this city; there’s no status quo when it comes to fashion. If I were dressing for fall or spring, then I would probably turn to the NYC streets for inspiration. And of course Miami can be inspiring when it’s time for sundresses and bikinis!

What is her style advice for young professionals? I think that it’s about exploring your style through different seasons, labels and circumstances. I really don’t think that a person’s style is definitive. It depends on so many things like mood, life stages and most importantly self-perception. The key to fashion and beauty is having the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. Every piece of garment you own is an opportunity to infuse your own style and make people read between the lines – it shouldn’t give too much away.