YP Style Profile: Katelynn Soltendieck

On a crisp autumn Sunday afternoon, Katelynn looks effortlessly beautiful as she walks through her apartment. Her immaculate figure, blonde contained hair, and minimal makeup give her a shabby-chic look that is artfully elegant. She faces fall head-on by adding texture to her outfits and enhancing her form with warm fabrics and layers. Her leather pants, structured heels, paired with a burgundy jacket and fur trim, lends itself to professional and social contexts. Katelynn sticks to signature pieces and plays with pale palettes and sombre colours that reflect the latest fall trends. 

Job: Executive Assistant at The Shapiro Group, a leading commercial property owner, manager and developer. 

Currently wearing: Leather BCBG pants, Sandro T-Shirt, Zara jacket with a Michael Kors fur trim, bag “Never Full” by LV, necklace from The Baie, boots from an online site based in the UK.

Favorite labels: Zara for work clothes or basics. Sandro and Maje for their unique and detailed feminine pieces, and timeless layering pieces. DVF’s wrap dresses or work pants and Joie’s delicate blouses and tops. 

Fashion and beauty pet peeves: I don’t have any specific pet peeves because my attention is usually drawn when I admire something, otherwise I won’t look twice. I like to focus on things I like; you can be standing in front of me wearing a bag over your head and I will be looking at the guy or girl a few metres away whose style I can identify with or draw inspiration from. That being said, there are the classic “don’ts,” like wearing too much makeup or showing too much skin, but I try not to pass judgment. To each their own!

What’s in her closet: My closet is a mix of many labels and styles, from tight leather pants to leopard print harem pants, oversized tee shirts and delicate silk blouses, structured blazers in every colour that I use for work or pair with jeans on the weekend. I focus on the fabrics and materials when I shop (no matter the brand or price). Quality and comfort are a must. 

Cities that influence her style: Paris, LA, New York.

What is her style advice for young professionals: My advice for young professionals would be to stay true to your style, but always dress appropriately (level of appropriateness of course always varies depending on the job). Buy staple pieces (dress pants, blouses, dresses, skirts, flats, heels, blazers) that can be mixed with pieces you already own, this will allow you to maximize the number of outfits while minimizing the pieces. And always remember: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”