YP Style Profile: Andrea Cohen

Dainty. Delicate. Demure. Andrea’s understated style is what creates her undeniable allure. Her beauty lies within her simple yet stylish look – no heels, no makeup, no nail polish – just a laissez-faire attitude and a trail of charm that everybody loves.

Andrea’s closet consists of an assortment of trendy and feminine clothes, with a few simple go-to pieces that she could throw on to complete any outfit. She gravitates toward comfortable clothes that are easy-to-wear and versatile; a pair of comfortable slacks that can look elegant with a blazer, but can also be worn on the weekends. She can easily transition from feminine work attire to a more festive and cool Coachella air.  

Job: Account Executive at Cossette 

Currently wearing: Joie dress, Brandy Melville jean vest, Mango blazer, Rag & Bone boots, Stella McCartney sunglasses and vintage bag passed on to her. 

Favourite labels: Rag & Bone, Isabel Marant, IRO, Phillip Lim, and for more casual wear, Free People and Brandy Melville. 

Fashion and beauty pet peeves: I don’t know why, but I’m naturally turned off by anything conventionally “sexy.” Strappy heels, Capri pants (bad separately, worse when combined), bodycon dresses, and rhinestone embellishments. And in terms of beauty, it would be anything fake like fake tans, fake nails, fake hair… 

What’s in her closet? : Cutoffs, boho dresses, structured jackets, chunky heels and too many clothes that would only be acceptable at music festivals. 

Cities that influence her style: New York hands down. Mainly because people there aren’t afraid to be unique and have a good sense of their personal style – so it makes it really interesting to walk down the street. And LA; not the hills, but the more laid-back beach towns. 

What is her style advice for young professionals? Don’t buy anything to wear to work that you wouldn’t wear in real life because you’ll end up not feeling like yourself. There’s really no reason for 20-somethings to be wearing pant suits and loafers, I think. No matter how corporate your environment, you can look professional while still staying true to your style.