YP Hotspot: The Sparrow

When it comes to cool bars in Mile End, Sparrow is a name you will hear called out time and time again. Located on the main around Fairmont, you will find some of the coolest Montrealers gathering around this English-style swanky hybrid between a lounge and pub. Whether it be a daytime drink you fancy, or an after work/evening soirée, our young professional readers will enjoy the fact that Sparrow is always hip, busy, and bustling with cool people.

Owned by the same guys who bring you YP favourites Blizzarts and Korova, this bar is far from distanced in knowing what the Montreal bar scene should bring to the table.  Whether it is their amazing selection of both on tap or bottled beers, their upscale cocktail lists, or their mixed genre of cutting-edge music playlists, there are a lot of reasons to keep coming back to this neighborhood watering hole. The ambiance screams sexy, with candlelit tables and shared couch spaces. Tables are well spaced out to provide ample breathing space, which is celebrated on most nights when the bar is packed to the brim. 

Their cocktail list has often been described as paired down – back the basics and done well. They do the best Old Fashioned in the city and we also enjoy their Dark & Stormies, Manhattans, and Mules. All their cocktails are worth trying, especially their dirty gin martinis. All drinks are served up by a wait and bar staff that are oh-so-easy on the eyes.

What we also love about this bar is that it serves as a gastro pub (or shall we say that they specialize in ‘pub grub’). Their daytime lunch fare is excellent and always worth ordering to pair with a pint. They have a wicked brunch as well, and we strongly suggest hitting it up early on a weekend morning as to avoid the rush.