YP Hot Spot: Bar Furco

As terribly spoiled as we are with Montreal’s opulent culinary scene, it is needless to say that it takes a special presence to impress the city’s gastronomes. A blasé attitude has certainly taken over us, due to what seems to be an overabundance in great eateries. Bar Furco, however, has put a lot on the line by stepping up their game and daringly opening up right in the heart of the city…no man’s land. 

With booming districts such as the Mile End, Old Montreal and the Plateau, downtown Montreal has rarely been considered a go-to hot spot for a night out. Nestled amidst numerous boutiques and businesses, Bar Furco certainly gets major cred for going up against the habitual. Its name also derives from the neighborhood, as the environs are considered as Montreal’s fur district. This new bar and restaurant is the brainchild of seven experienced owners, a collaboration between some of the city’s best spots, including Baldwin Barmacy and La Buvette chez Simone.

A charming refuge, Bar Furco provides the perfect lively ambiance for a post-work 5 à 7, or a jaunty nightcap. Its inviting décor exploits rawness in an exposed loft-like space, with an atmosphere that is wholly laidback. Besides their impressive wine list, Bar Furco also serves up some of the best cocktails in the city, most notably, strong drinks. As for their kitchen, the menu is comprised of seasonal favourites, showcasing the freshest produce available from delicious tapas-like snacks to full meals. With local DJs spinning on most nights of the week, Bar Furco is definitely a sure pick for great food and a new vibe.

Photo courtesy of: Jonathan Jacques-Belletête