YP Fusion: What’s Your Colour?

Certain things can reveal a lot about a young professional (YP), whether it is their book collection, state of their home or even the colour of their car. The all-new Ford Fusion (see full car features here) is available in ten different colours to suit a range of distinct tastes and personalities. Having trouble deciding your colour? Hopefully we can offer some insight as to what your car colour of choice may say about you.

Ruby Red
The owner of a Ruby Red Ford Fusion does not shy away from the spotlight. With the Ruby Red the brightest of all the models, this young professional (YP) has a vibrant personality and isn’t afraid to draw attention to themselves on the road or at a party. He or she would likely make a good “plus one,” having no difficulty working the room and holding their own. Red is also associated with passion and love, so the choice of a red car may reveal insight into this YP’s passion for love, sex and life. Oh la la!

Oxford White
A white car (or white furniture) likes things crisp and clean and, if he or she is to choose the Oxford White Ford Fusion, it symbolizes that they are capable of taking care of their belongings and well-prepared for frequent visits to the car wash. White represents goodness and innocence (positive attributes), as well as minimalistic and savvy style.

Bordeaux Red
True to its name, the Bordeaux Red Fusion is a deep and romantic shade of red. A deep red is an emotionally intense colour, so the owner of a Bordeaux Red Fusion may be well in tune with his or her emotions. Subtler than the Ruby Red, the YP who gravitates to the Bordeaux Red likely has an eye for the classic, understated luxury offered by the warm, rich shade of red.

Deep Impact Blue
The deep impact blue, to us, represents a young professional with a bit more of a free spirit. With blue typically associated with the ocean and the sky, we picture the owner of the Deep Impact Blue Fusion as someone with depth, wisdom and the type of personality that would want to hop in the car for a spontaneous road trip along the coast, blasting music with all the windows open. This person knows how to turn it down and relax, however, as blue also represents peace and tranquility.

Tuxedo Black Metallic
Black cars are usually synonymous with classic, understated elegance and power. Their owners are typically smooth and sleek but don’t have to be the centre of attention. He or she is confident and strategic but has nothing to prove with the aid of a flashy, obnoxious, well, anything. Except the young professional behind the Tuxedo Black Metallic Fusion to be going places, and fast…

The Ford Fusion, seemingly designed for today’s hustling and bustling young professional, is also available in Ginger Ale, Ice Storm (Hybrid), Ingot Silver and Sterling Gray – what’s your colour?