YP Fusion: Fashion Fusion (Video)

The second in Notable.ca’s exclusive YP Fusion video series, presented by the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion, is what we call “Fashion Fusion.” 

We have so many events and work functions to attend as young professionals, not to mention the charity galas and, yes, that’s right, the dates. Knowing which looks to fuse together and what to where when is at times daunting. These days in fashion, YPs have boundless options to fuse together looks and styles, but sometimes there are just too many! The only way to figure out how to get the right look for you is to learn from the pros.  

So, to make sure we fill you in on this important fashion matter, we’re going to get the notable 411 from one of Canada’s top stylists at Canada’s only Tiger of Sweden boutique to find out his take on how to harmoniously create Fashion Fusion. Let’s roll!