Watch YouTube Star Lilly Singh Shut Down a Sexist Troll in the Best Way Possible

In an era of a heightened focus on female empowerment and gender equality, it seems some people are still stuck in a misogynistic 1950s mindset.

Luckily, fierce females like Canadian YouTube star and comedian Lilly Singh aka Superwoman are putting them in their place in brilliantly powerful and hilarious ways.

Lilly Singh

Image: MUCH

Of course, it’s always a lot easier for the misogynistic set to hide behind their computer screens (probably in their mother’s basement), spewing harmful comments and remarks on photos, videos and on social media.

Usually, Singh ignores the trolls.

But, after seeing a comment from a man claiming that women aren’t funny and asking her to make a sandwich, she decided to tear into the feeble-minded troll.



She went on to demonstrate how to make a sandwich so the guy could learn how to do it himself, opening by saying, “Please note that I am using fresh ingredients, to make up for your expired thought process.”

That was just the beginning.

“On a cutting board, chop up your onions,” she says. “Now if you start to painfully tear up, don’t worry, now you know how your mother feels when she sees how you’ve turned out.”

She continues with digs regarding everything from penis size to insecurities of the sexist set as she demonstrates the art of the sandwich.

Check out the video for yourself and prepared to have your day made:

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