Your Spring Sipper Has Arrived

Rosé is only meant to be sipped summertime in the South of France?

Think again, ladies and gents. 

Spring has finally decided to show itself, which means patio season has arrived. The only thing you need now is some sunshine, your favourite shades and a chilled glass of wine. And even though we can’t control the weather (not yet, anyway – we’re working on it), we can introduce you to your new favourite wine. 

Apothic Rose (pronounced Rose, just like the flower) is a limited edition offering that is now available. From the brand that brought you Apothic Red and Apothic White, two captivating blends from California, we invite you to discover this latest offering and pick yourself up a bottle as soon as possible. Featuring full-bodied boldness with hints of strawberry and watermelon, this wine blend is a true original. Beyond the chic label, Apothic Rose has a beautiful pink colour that can’t go unnoticed. This vibrant tone is achieved through a historic winemaking practice called saignée, which means “to bleed” intense colour from the grape’s red skins. Don’t worry, we promise no grape was hurt in the process.  

If you happen to enjoy a fruit-forward and refreshing wine to go with this nice(ish) weather (does anyone not?), we suggest you pick up a bottle of Apothic Rose while this limited release is available. In fact, pick up a few. After all, the only thing better than spring sipping is summer sipping. Apothic Rose will only be around for a short period of time. And time, our friends, is ticking…

Happy Spring.