Your Personality Can Help You Decide Where You Should Live

A recent series of studies may offer some insight as to where you should settle down.

Of the findings, it was revealed that introverts prefer mountainous regions – which are often associated with being more peaceful and calm – while extroverts tend to favour flat, open areas, which are seen as more exciting, social, and stimulating.

People’s preference in geographical location is also impacted by their mood.

If they were feeling social, people thought of the ocean 75 per cent of the time.

Another personality study revealed that people might be better off in cities that match their personalities. As lead researcher Dr. Wiebke Bleidorn explained; “Individuals low on openness to experiences had significantly lower self-esteem in open cities, like New York City, but relatively higher self-esteem in cities that score relatively lower on openness to experience, for instance, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.”

Meaning, people may have higher self-esteem when their personality matches the city.
It makes sense; a city like New York isn’t for everyone. But if you’re open-minded, you will probably be happier in an open-minded place.

Let’s face it, certain cities are definitely happier than others. Areas that give off a uniquely happy vibe are the most attractive to many people. A further study of life satisfaction and population growth found that happy places tend to grow more quickly – so you may want to get in there now.

Apparently, those in Saguenay and Trois-Rivières, QC and Sudbury, ON are doing something right


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