Your Notable Self in 2012: Professional Life is built on the premise of living the full, 360-degree young professional life, encompassing everything from social and charity life to professional endeavors. Each day for the next four days, we will be releasing a different inside look at how to be the most notable you in 2012. Our first quarter of the series focuses on the professional life and all aspects of it that relate to one’s sense of accomplishment and purpose in their career. 

Every young professional knows that New Year’s resolutions don’t begin on January 1st. After all, odds are you woke up to a splitting headache on the first day of the year rather than to a fresh smoothie and an early morning workout. Last week was a short workweek; kids were still off school and many offices remained quiet as young professionals stayed on the beach or the slopes a few extra days into the New Year. Today, however, marks the official end to the break and start to the New Year for YPs. There seems to be a general feeling of recovered optimism and excitement among YPs throughout the country on what 2012 will bring. Whether a believer in resolutions or not, we can all strive to be our most Notable selves this year. At, it is a package we like to call the ultimate 360-degree, well-balanced young professional life. This is reflected in the criteria for our Notable Award winners – those individuals that embody a complete balance of personal, career and charitable success. This week, we will discuss each pillar each day and offer advice as to how you can live to your most productive ability in 2012 in terms of Professional Life, Social Life, Charity Life and Living Life. As we are all back at the grind today, we thought professional life would be a good place to start…

Success, influence and drive are of most importance to a Notable professional existence. Our cities are filled with bright young professionals, with ample YP-oriented events and opportunities to expand professional networks. Even if they belong to professions seemingly unrelated to yours, make an effort to meet and interact with other Notables in your city who are doing great things and gaining influence in their respective industries. Any successful endeavour is the product of many counterparts and interactions; you never know when opportunities for collaboration, new clients, cross-promotion or even bartering (especially in the arts world) may arise. Take these opportunities to interact and brainstorm. Set up informational meetings with other YPs, whether with seasoned professionals with experienced brains to pick or with up-and-comers to watch out for. It seems that every YP (or former YP) is more than willing to pass on the advice and wisdom they were taught early in their careers and you never know what “golden intern” you may stumble across in the process.

The most important thing for YPs to remember is not to lose sight of the limitless mentality we had post-graduation in terms of future opportunities. Don’t stop taking risks, pushing personal limits and believing in the fruits of the future. In terms of financial gains, it is important to remember that influence can be just as important as money and what makes someone Notable does necessarily correlate with the state of his or her bank account. It is easy to grow frustrated when all the pavement-pounding of our early career days are met with little immediate financial gains, but it is important not to let perceived benchmarks of financial YP success frustrate you and to think in terms of the larger picture. Most importantly, never stop challenging yourself. It is easy to get caught in professional comfort zones in jobs that may provide that stable pay cheque but little in terms of stimulation or passion. We’ve been there and would never go back.

With that said, don’t forget to slow down. Many YPs let work consume them and the concept of a healthy work/life balance seems foreign, especially for the up-at-6am-on-a-Saturday entrepreneurial set. Make a point to turn off iPhones and Blackberries every evening, at least for an hour upon arrival home. If possible, try to get all of your work out of the way on Saturday so that Sundays can become a time of rest, reflection, reward and rejuvenation like they once were.

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