Your Notable Self in 2012: Living Life is built on the premise of living the full, 360-degree young professional life, encompassing everything from social and charity life to professional endeavors. Each day for the next four days, we will be releasing a different inside look at how to be the most notable you in 2012. Our last installment of the series focuses on living life and all aspects of it that relate to making the most of every day across all aspects of the YP life. 

In addition to professional, social and charitable success, a notable young professional existence also involves a life rich with balance, simple luxuries and a general healthy mind and body. Instead of making personal goals like “I will be married by 30,” or “I will make X dollars next year,” or “I will lose x-amount lbs. in a month,” YPs should be thinking in terms of adopting a general behaviour, or way of living. 

Essential qualities for a notably-lived life include adaptability and being in tune with all things Notable. The most notable YPs always have something to contribute to a conversation, no matter the subject or the present company. Follow news that is not specific to your industry. Read an assortment of books. Alternate fiction novels with general interest, business and personal-growth publications. Try to see at least one play, concert or musical performance per month. Become an expert in something notable that you’ve always wanted to learn more about— whether wine, art, cars or food. 

We can’t not mention exercise. Find a way to make exercise exciting or to incorporate it with other objectives. One gym-hating YP we know splurges on a membership at an exclusive Toronto gym on the (realistic) hope that she will run into a celebrity. Another makes “elliptical dates’’ with girlfriends instead of catching up over coffee. Revive the athletic skills of your high school days and join a team. It provides a more productive social outlet than a bar and you may even meet another sexy YP single in the process.

A notably-lived life is one rich with experiences. After all, what’s the point in working if we can’t enjoy the fruits of our labour? Don’t sacrifice the “extras” like travel, wining and dining and personal appearance. These need not be extravagant. If a trip to Thailand is out of the question this year, watch for last-minute travel deals for a weekend away to New York City or Miami. Check out the latest and greatest restaurant or lounge in your city and get to know the bartender’s name. Finally, look good doing it. Notable YPs take pride in their appearance and style and know how to dress for the part— either for a night on the town or a job interview. 

Yes, it’s a busy lifestyle we lead but that’s what makes us notable. We balance the professional life with the social life and the charity life with daily life. It wasn’t slacking off that got us to where we are today, and it certainly won’t be what helps us accomplish our goals for the future. Work hard, play hard. Give back when and where you can. Build and develop social connections. Never skip out on looking the part, either. That’s what it takes to be your notable self as a young professional this year.

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