Your Next Best Date in Calgary: Kensington

Let’s face it – you can only meet for coffee at Analog so many times.

That’s why we’ve come up with a unique strategy to help keep you on top of your game. So the next time that person of interest comes calling, skip the hipster hangouts and head to the Northwest for a whole new kind of dating experience. 

1. Meet-Up Point: The Calgary Curling Club
Though this might sound like a weird place to suggest, hear us out. Considering it’s not curling season yet, leave your wheels in that massive parking lot and head west for an Instagram-worthy walk down Memorial Drive along the Bow River Pathway. Suggest riding your bikes along here to score some early bonus points.

2. Heat Things Up
Once you reach 10th St NW, you have a few tea and coffee options to keep you going for the marathon ahead. Both Oolong Tea House and Higher Ground are full of options for even the pickiest sippers.

3. Wander Kensington Road
This part is pretty free form, so just go with the flow. If you need suggestions, you can stop learn a lot about each other by stopping at Purr and definitely Gummi Boutique.

4. Feeding Time
Our pick for dinner is definitely Brasserie Kensington. With its sophisticated (but not stuffy) atmosphere and menu, it’s always an impressive choice. There are lots of other Asian-inspired spots within a few blocks if that’s more your thing. Whatever you choose, save room for a drink, because this date’s not finished yet.

5. Night Cap
By now, things are hopefully going well enough that you’re looking for a way to keep this going. Thankfully, there are a few options to chill things out a bit. Container Bar is a cool new choice if weather permits while The Irish pub, Molly Malone’s, has a great rooftop and is celebrating new ownership under a legit Irish YP, accent and all.

6. Call it a Night
When it’s finally time to leave them hanging, you have two options. If you’ve had a few more beverages than the legal amount, hop on the C-Train from Sunnyside (your car will be ok if it’s not curling season) and head home. If you’re good to drive, stroll back to your rides and say goodnight with the piece de resistance: a climb up “the stairs” to the McHugh Bluffs for arguably the most romantic view of the skyline there is.

We’ve taken you this far; what you do from here is up to you…



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