Your Childhood is Over: 7-Eleven Raised the Price of 5-Cent Candies Across Canada

Sure it happened a few months ago, but as we don’t still buy 5-cent candies with our allowance every week, it took us a little while to catch up.

And by catch up we mean be crushed.

Previous to this unimaginable assault on your childhood, the price of a Fuzzy Peach or Cherry Blaster hadn’t risen in 35 years. Which is to say, you’ve likely never known them to be more than a nickel. Ever.

But guess what, the price just doubled – to 10 cents a candy.

And while dropping a dime on a Swedish Berry isn’t going to break anyone’s bank, it will probably destroy your faith in humanity, reason, and all that’s good in this world. Think about it, a quarter at 7-Eleven won’t even get you three measly gummy worms anymore.

That’s just not right.

Inflation be damned, we want our cherry blasters and gummy frogs to remain where they’ve always been – at a reasonable 5 pennies per. (Yes, we know they killed the penny too.)

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to go kill our taste buds with 29 sour keys and contemplate the end our youth as we know it…