Your Childhood Dream is Here: You Can Swim in a Sea of One Million Plastic Balls

We just told you about Adidas’ latest ocean effort – but this might be even cooler.

So, if you’re currently weighing your summer weekend trip options, you may want to consider Washington, DC.

Aside from the obvious attractions (if politics and history are your thing), you’ll get to fulfill your lifelong dream of swimming in a sea of balls.

And this goes way beyond sneaking into a McDonald’s “Play Place.”

Within the walls of Washington’s National Building Museum, you’ll find a massive ocean of 1,000,000 (yes, one million) translucent plastic balls made from recycled materials and a plastic beach.

And unlike your typical museum display, not only are you actually allowed to touch – you’re invited to jump on in for a bizarre and memorable experience (and a few sweet Instagram shots too).

The beach features a sloped, all-white beachfront with mirrors to widen the space, and is complete with a concession stand. The installation is the brainchild of an experimental design firm called Snarkitecture.

The beach will remain open (rain or shine) until September 7th.

All photos courtesy of Noah Kalina.