Your 2015 Osheaga Survival Guide is Here

Montreal’s largest and most anticipated music festival is back and kicking off today with some of the biggest music acts in the world.

As with any music festival, pre-planning is key.

So we figured we’d compile a little Osheaga 101 so your day can go as seamlessly as your dance moves. Sorry, as seamlessly as you think your dances moves appear.


Hop On the Metro and Get There Early
If you’re driving, good friggin’ luck. Suck it up and use the metro like the rest of the smart kids. Get off at Jean-Drapeau station, and you’re a few feet from the Osheaga site entrance. It also allows you to drink and NOT drive.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.54.40 AM

Wear Comfortable Shoes
That means no flip-flops or heels people. Rock a pair of old shoes you’re prepared to sacrifice to the Osheaga gods. Between all the walking in dirt, jumping up and down, and the heat smelling them up, you’ll be glad you didn’t wear your favourite new pair.


Bring a Portable Charger
This will save your life. Chargers are few and far between and there’s nothing worse than Weezer coming on and you not being able to text Stacy to come to the Molson Canadian Stage.


Hats and Sunnies are a Must
A no brainer. Want to get sunstroke and possibly go a little blind? Than don’t bring either of the above.


Sunscreen is Your Bestie
We don’t think we need to lecture you on the dangers of sun exposure especially with the temperatures reaching an all time high this weekend. No matter what the kids are saying, sunburns aren’t cool.


Save Your Eardrums
This one’s for the eager folk that are always near the stage. Wear earplugs. We made the mistake of not doing that before and had bells echoing in our ears for a full day. Though that could have also been the hangover…


Download The Osheaga App
It’ll be your go-to for pretty much everything at the festival, including the daily schedule, bios, and links for every artist performing, a news section with any updates you need to know about, and an interactive map that will be a life-saver.


Register Your Osheaga Bracelet
Your Osheaga Play powered by Samsung Galaxy S6 bracelet will serve as your right of admission for the festival and it’s the only way to play and win some amazing prizes.


Stay Hydrated
No, this does not include beer. Seeing melting musicians and blurry tress could be a sign of dehydration. You don’t want to experience that.


Stay Connected
Love it or not it’s all about social media these days. Stay active on whatever medium you have, hashtag #Osheaga, and stay connected with all the other cool kids. Maybe one of your favourite acts will even re-tweet you. Which is basically what our generation gets as their 15-seconds of fame.  


Don’t Bring Food; There’s Plenty On-Site
Osheaga offers food trucks galore. There’s plenty for every taste, just be prepared there may be some lineups. Luckily, that gives you time to make new friends.


Tired? Check Out One of Their Chill Zones
There are plenty of trees for shade on-site, and spots where you can take a breather and catch up on Wi-Fi. Here’s the full list.

Lose Something? Don’t Panic
There’s a lost and found on site at the Information Kiosk near the site entrance. Their staff is awesome and will do their best to help you reunite with your lost item.


Still Not Done Partying? There are Tons of After Parties
Osheaga ends at 11:00pm each night but the party keeps going at one of the official after parties. All information can be found on the Osheaga App.