Young Professional: Omid Nazeri, CEO & DJ

Omid Nazeri is the Founder and CEO of Built Event Development but he is best known as DJ Couture. He’s also an artist manager and music director – we guess you could say he’s a man who wears many hats!

Where you got your drive from?
From those closest to me. I am truly the product of the friends and family I keep. My father gave me one piece of advice that has kept me driven all these years. In short, he said to find success and remain motivated you must first master your skills, be an expert in your field. Don’t chase money, instead work hard and respect your craft. The money will come.

How do you stay self-motivated?
I set tangible, specific and realistic goals for myself. I write everything down. I write down things I want to accomplish and don’t cross it off on until I’ve completed said goal in it’s entirety.

What is your preferred way to network?
In person. In my opinion, meeting someone face to face, hearing their voice, reading body language and shaking a hand goes a long way. I value the online networking tools that are available to us in this day and age but, I still prefer to interact with someone in person.

How would you describe your process for deepening relationships?
With consistency and authenticity. I try to make concerted efforts to touch base, follow up, greet past clients, current customers as well as friends & family.

What are your preferred tools for keeping organized?
“Hey Siri!”. I rely heavily on Siri to help set reminders, input dates into my calendar and more. As for emails and messages, I leave them unread until I am ready to give them my full attention. I am the kind of guy who prefers going to sleep after there are no more unread emails or messages in my inboxes.

What is your favorite way to market your product or services?
Online, without a doubt! The online market has become stronger than perhaps any of us ever anticipated. It is an incredible tool, a way to connect people with me and the services/products I am selling.

Who has been your mentor in helping you find success?
This is perhaps the toughest of these questions to answer. It is challenging to pick just one! However, like many of us who value the opinion of our parents beyond our adolescent years into adulthood, I also rely and depend heavily on the wisdom and experience of my parents. They have lived full lives, have valuable life experiences to share, and most importantly they always have my best interests in mind. To have people in your life who give you unconditional love and objective feedback is more important to me than words could ever explain.

What social issue does your organization raise funds and/or awareness for?
We proudly support the LGBTQ community, women’s rights and are advocates against driving under the influence. In addition, we support any organization that is working to eradicate cancer and other serious illnesses; that holds a place close to all of our hearts.

How and where do you continue to learn?
Listening and reading. It’s amazing how much you can learn by just listening to what someone has to say. On my own time I prefer reading books or e-books that span a wide variety of topics. I enjoy reading articles, discussion pieces and Notable (duh).

Next, we want to get to know you personally! We know that being a successful professional has lots to do with your personality and also your behaviors. We are excited to learn about what decisions you make to keep balanced and have fun.

Do you have a fitness ritual that you live by?
In the past years I’ve gotten away from living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, however I am proud to share that I’ve regained control of my health and have been tracking my diet, completing meal preps and engaging in any physical activity that isn’t walking to the fridge. For anyone out there looking for inspiration to get started, try going for a walk! I like to put on headphones and just go on a walk with my dog Kali! Whether you’re running, walking or lifting weights in the gym, the important thing isn’t to focus on being the strongest or fittest person in the room. The focus should be to just do SOMETHING. Being inactive and sedentary is far worse than doing even 15 minutes of meaningful exercise.

How do you feed your soul?
Music & food. Two fundamental passions in my life. I like to experiment with new flavours and techniques in the kitchen while Apple Music does the rest.

How would you describe the eating ritual that makes you feel most powerful?
Eating small meals often. I never gave breakfast the credit it deserved until late last year. Eating a balanced breakfast truly gives me the fuel I need to be the best version of myself. I recently got into cold pressed juices and incorporating energy packed snacks like almonds, dates and dried fruits into my diet throughout the day.

Who is your favourite personality to follow on YouTube?
NeemaNazTV, next question.

What type of content do you find most compelling on Instagram?
I love watching insta stories from friends who are traveling. Living vicariously through these stories helps remind me of why I work hard (to travel!), and I get to formulate new trip plans and ideas after seeing what friends are experiencing.

What lifestyle brand would you say shares your values most?
It’s hard not to choose Apple on this one. Their commitment to putting out quality products and services are what I share most. I love the look of the brand, their support of deserving organizations worldwide, and their products!! I rely exclusively on Apple products for both business and pleasure.

Who is your favourite artist?
The G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) Jay-Z. 12 Solo albums, all platinum.

What is your favourite meal?
During culinary school my lab chef told me that the Mushroom Risotto I prepared was among the top dishes he’d graded in his tenure at the college. This gave me confidence to continue perfecting this because I enjoy cooking this dish as much as I enjoy eating it. (Honorable mention: Hot Salami Sandwich with Greens and San Pallegrino)

What is your favourite sport to watch?
Basketball #WeTheNorth

Where is your favourite place to unwind?
On my balcony. We are blessed with having an elevated and unobstructed view of Toronto. When I go out there alone and look over the city that has given me everything, it just makes me happy.