Young Entrepreneur: Esther Garnick

We meet lots of people, so do you, but how many leave a lasting impression even if the introduction was just for a moment? Meet Esther Garnick. Entrepreneur, Toronto tastemaker, true go-getter. Esther launched EGPR several years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Get to know what drives Esther Garnick.

Notable: What is your Name and age?
Esther: Esther Garnick, 30

Notable: What is the name of your business and what industry is it in?
Esther: EGPR Twitter: @EstherGarnickPR Facebook:

Notable: Elevator Pitch (we just met on an elevator, we have 30 seconds together in the elevator, please describe your business):
EGPR is a boutique public relations firm, specializing in lifestyle public relations.

Notable: Why did you start your business, what was the inspiration?
I had the opportunity to intern at CTV right out of school for a little known weekly show called etalk. This was the era where 4 people worked on a National show and Brian Mulroney was still more famous than Ben. I had an opportunity to learn about the relationship between PR and journalism, which I found fascinating. I then had the opportunity to work at boutique PR firm and cut my teeth a little bit. Following that, I became a naïve freelance PR person, and a big time try-hard. Eventually I got busier, thus forcing me to create a company and hire help!

Notable: What is the best part of what you do on a day-to-day basis?
My clients are all fantastic, which believe me, was not always the case. It’s this type of good fortune that makes it much more authentic to go to bat for them and work to generate the best exposure for them. THAT is rewarding every day.

Notable: What is the most challenging part of your business?
How much time do you have? I take my hat off to all business owners because there’s a new challenge every day. None of which are less challenging than the last.

Notable: Where do you see your business going in 5 years?
Esther: What a difference 1 year makes, let alone 5. I try not to think too much about what needs to get done in the next 5 years. Based on how the company has evolved, I like to keep it organic and concentrate on right now.

Notable: Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
Esther: I don’t know about any other field, but in my field I have this advice: don’t think that because you’ve watched every episode of the Hills and the Rachel Zoe project that you’re hot sh*t and ready to rule the world. Eat your humble pie and make sure you’ve researched enough to know what you’re talking about when you open your mouth. I had to learn. So do you.

Notable: What is your greatest asset as it relates to business?
Esther: I don’t have a phony bone in my body, which I imagine has cost me as much business as it’s awarded me. I see it as an asset because press members who hear from a hundred thousand PR people a day, are too busy to read through the B.S. and pretend to believe it. I’d like to think that they know that when I’m coming to them with a pitch, it’s something I think they’d genuinely be interested in. Also, my clients don’t want someone to lie to them all day long and tell them that everything is smashing and rose-tinted. They hire me based on what I can do for them and that doesn’t include make believe. If I lie and don’t get results, then what am I good for?

Notable: What does success look like to you?
I’ll let you know when I see it.

Notable: What is the most memorable milestone in your career?
I think this past tiff season. I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of work that I was fortunate enough to have, and of course, the first ever Essentials Lounge for media (which was dreamt up on a walk down Bloor with my best friend, who is also a media member). Creating a lounge solely for press members, just before tiff started had never been done, and thankfully it was extremely well received. I’m looking forward to bringing it back in ’11.

Notable: What is Notable to you?
Julian Brass taking the time to recognize that young professionals need a platform to help them dream big and achieve big is Notable.

Notable: Anything Else?
Esther: I’m good.