Young Athlete Profile: Rebecca Howard

The Olympics are here, and while you, like many young professionals, are facing rush hour traffic head-on, stressing about that big presentation on Friday, and competing against co-workers for that coveted promotion, there is a whole other genus of YP out there about to face one of the most important milestones of their careers. Instead of the commute to the office downtown, these YPs are traveling across an ocean to get to work. Rather than a PowerPoint presentation in front of peers, these YPs are presenting their work to the world. And no one knows better about competing with colleagues than them. Welcome to Notable’s Young Athlete (YA) profile series, where we will be giving you a snapshot of a Notable Canadian athlete competing in this summer’s biggest sporting event, the London Olympics 2012.

Introducing Rebecca Howard…

Name: Rebecca Howard

Equestrian High Performance Event Rider

Years Active:
Competed for Canada in the 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG)

London Olympics:
Equestrian Individual Eventing and Team Eventing categories. Competing July 28th – July 31st.

What is one quirky fact about Rebecca that no one else knows?
“[I] had quite an extensive rock collection as a kid.”

What are Rebecca’s alternative hobbies or interests? 
“Hiking and running.”

Which individual does Rebecca admire, and why?
“Coach David O’Connor; certainly for his skills as a competitor/coach/trainer, but more so for who he is a person and the energy/thought he puts towards other people (and horses!)”

Good Luck and Stay Notable!