You’ll Soon Be Able to Uber a Hot Air Balloon

As we progress through the Uber Revolutionthere is nary a commodity that cannot be Ubered.

We’ve already seen on-demand helicopters, massages and puppies. But why stop there?

The kind-of-legal company recently announced that it will soon allow users to request hot air balloons in a bid to become more than a ride-hailing service. And by become more than a ride-hailing service we mean become literally everything – Uber’s data analysts have determined people look at the app for an additional 90 seconds when they’re in the car, a precious minute-and-a-half that can be spent doing even more Uber things.

Like reading a digital Uberzine or ordering a hot air ballon.

The announcement was made at TechCrunch Shanghai, where Uber introduced two new offerings, UberLIFE and Uber + Travel.

Unfortunately, summoning a hot air balloon with the tap of a screen will only be possible in China for the time being.

If the history of services hitting the market has taught us anything, however, it’s that Canada just has to remain a little patient.