You’ll Be Able to Talk to Your Next Barbie

Hello, NSA Barbie!

Mattel’s latest creation will come WiFi-ready with the ability to hold basic conversations. Hello Barbie, set to hit shelves for the 2015 holiday season, will also be able to tell jokes, play games, and understand your likes and dislikes.

Who needs an imagination when you’re hanging out with the doll version of Siri?

Data exchanged between you and Barbie’s microphone necklace will be stored in the cloud and adapted to reflect your preferences in future correspondence. As an added bonus, kids will also be able to interact with Barbie in the traditional sense when the internet’s down.

As for us, we’ll be impressed when Barbie masters calculus. After all, it’s been over two decades since she first told us math is hard.


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Photo: David Chickering, Stylist: Susan Kurtz, courtesy of Mattel