You Will Soon Be Able to Get Pizza from an ATM in North America

When you’re a university student with a limited budget, you learn pretty quickly how to get creative with your food options.

From sneaking food out of the dining hall to save money to learning how to make pretty much every kind of cuisine in a rice cooker, students know all tricks of the trade for cheap and efficient sustenance.

What the students at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio will be getting, however, is a total game changer.

The university has partnered with a French company to install the first Pizza ATM in North America.


According to the company, the machine will hold 70 fresh 12-inch pizzas, which customers will be able to order on a touch screen. Once they’ve made their selection the pizza will be heated for a few minutes, placed in a cardboard box, and ejected through a slot.

And the best part? The pizzas are only $10.


Pizza dispensers have been a thing in Europe for years now, usually found in small town gas stations or pizzerias.

While the concept does seem a little out there, we can already get cupcakes, hot dogs, and wine from a vending machine – so why not pizza? Considering how food trends like poke and sushi burritos have spread like wildfire in Toronto, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get our own dispenser before the year is out.