You Will Soon Be Able to Buy Booze Online in Ontario

While we’ve been spoiled with buying just about anything online in recent years, alcohol is the one item that’s still required a personal appearance at the LCBO.

That is, until now.

Considered the most significant change in the sale of alcohol in the province in 90 years, Premiere Kathleen Wynne recently announced that the LCBO will now be allowed to sell alcohol online, available for both delivery and in-store pickup.

It came alongside the confirmation that beer will soon be available for purchase in supermarkets – finally taking some power away from foreign-owned monopoly The Beer Store.

Of course, wine has already been available for purchase online through Vintages – LCBO’s high-end wine retailer – as well as through local vineyard websites. But this will allow those who aren’t interested in a pricey bottle of a grapes access to the ease of online ordering.

The hardest part about selling booze virtually will be coordinating delivery. Because of legal age laws, all deliveries must be made in person so the legal age can be confirmed.

For Torontonians – many of whom travel by TTC, bike or on foot – this development is particularly sweet. Hauling around a case of booze to your apartment is never an enjoyable experience – and soon you’ll be able to avoid it completely.

The details are still to come. We don’t yet know when products will be available, which products will be available, or who will be delivering them – but when we know, you’ll know.

We can only hope the new option for purchase is available before summer is through. Imagine having a few extra cases of beer delivered to the cabin when you run out?

LCBO to the rescue.