You Should Start Spinning at One Cycle

After paying cover, you turn the corner into a dark room that is illuminated by an overhanging disco ball and a few candles along a raised platform. Remixes of Jay-Z and Lady Gaga are blasting in the background and the room is filled with beautiful people. There is a sea of high ponytails, red lips and toned bodies; now we just have to find a place to order a few vodka tonics to get the party started. 

Contrary to first impressions, we aren’t getting ready for a night at the club… this is spin class.  Welcome to One Cycle, the ultra-hip new way to exercise that has everyone talking. In under an hour you can expect to drip sweat, pump iron and burn as much as 800 calories. The music is high energy, the instructors are motivating, and you leave with a great sense of accomplishment. 

The spinning trend really took off in New York and Los Angeles several years ago. Touted as the ‘luxury work-out’, pedalling indoors gained cult popularity with off-the-wall classes like Heavy Metal Spin, which involves sweating it out in the dark to your favourite Slayer songs. While spin classes in some of the bigger cities are not often geared to the general masses, sometimes asking upwards of $60 a class, One Cycle offers many of the same luxuries at a fraction of the price. For $17, plus $2 for a pair of shoes, you can hop onto a Schwinn AC stationary bike and get a workout that rivals what most personal trainers can do for you in an hour. An added bonus is the fact that One Cycle’s program incorporates free weights to help you sculpt your arms while working on toning your legs and improving your cardio.

So what do you need to know about attending a class at One Cycle? For starters, make a reservation online. These classes are popular and they fill up fast. Be there early to ensure you get a good spot in the class but be warned that you’ll be expected to pedal your heart out in the front row. Everyone behind you is going to be looking to you to lead them on all the ups, downs and choreographed maneuvers you’ll be making on your bike. 

Obviously you’ll want to come to class with the mindset that you’re ready to kick some serious butt. However, you should consider pacing yourself if it’s your first class. Don’t be afraid to turn down the tension on the bike a few notches so you can make it through the whole hour. Further to this point, you’ll want to ensure you know how to work the toe clips. There’s nothing worse than struggling with pedals in the middle of an intense class or feeling helplessly stuck to your bike if you need to get off. Also be mindful that the towels being passed out at the end of the class are for your bike and not to dry your face. Clean powdered towels will be waiting for you to freshen up as you exit the class.

All that said, the final tip is to have fun. The mission at One Cycle is all about promoting ‘oneness’ and encouraging fun in a group fitness environment. This is really one of the best workouts you can get in Calgary and it’s a great activity to bring friends along. One Cycle is conveniently located in the trendy Mission area of 4th street, which offers a slew of great restaurants and coffee shops to hit after class as you cool down.