You Might Be Surprised to Learn What Canadians Want Most From a Company

People love to parade about how companies should be “responsible.”

But what about, exactly?

Market research experts GfK recently conducted a survey across 22 countries to determine what people consider to be a company’s key responsibilities. Unbound by having to buy something at the cheapest price in the most convenient way possible, respondents ranked a series of rosy responsibilities they’d otherwise probably never think twice about on account of economic circumstance.

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Nevertheless, it did offer interesting insight into what Canadians at least believe they value.

“Providing good jobs for people” was the clear winner, with over 50 per cent of respondents saying that’s what they think is the most important responsibility for companies. It topped the list in every age group except the oldest, who believed “charging reasonable prices” should be a company’s primary concern. 

“Being environmentally responsible” was a joint-second priority at 38%, with the older crowd again steadfast in their alternative opinion. Those between 40 and 49 years old, as well as those over 60, consider “producing good quality products or services” to be very important. Women proved to be considerably more conscious of the environment, placing environmental responsibility in second place (43%), compared to men who at 33% feel it is the third most important concern for companies.

The 60+ set is the only age group that didn’t place environmental responsibility as a top three concern, as well as the only one that feels strongly that companies should protect the health and safety of their workers – you know, the kind of health and safety a stable climate could afford.