You May Soon Be Able to Remove Tattoos With a Cream

There may soon be a laser-free way to extinguish your lamentable lower back stamps, winding tribals, and vapid Chinese characters of post-secondary years past.

Dalhousie University student Alec Falkenham has applied concepts of his work on heart cells to target cells containing tattoo pigment in your skin to develop a cream that could remove the ink without destroying any tissue or leaving permanent scarring.

What he calls bisphosphonate liposomal tattoo removal, you can call an undo button for regret. 

And with a tenth of Canadians reporting they regret their permanent body deco, we can see his invention being a major hit. While laser removal currently costs around $75 per square inch for one session, Falkenham’s topical cream amounts to just 4.5 cents/inch. 

Guinea pig applications are currently not being accepted until further testing is done, but you may soon have even more reason to embrace beach season. 


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