You Could Soon Be Able to Make Payments Without Even Using Your Hands

We’ve reached the point where pulling out our wallets to make a transaction is just too much of a damn hassle.

And so, the mobile payments market is set to explode.

But it’s not just wallets that suck – using our hands in the first place is too much of a burden for the brass of Silicon Valley. So Google is developing an app, called hands-free payments, that lets you stroll into a store and complete purchases without lifting a finger.

They know how much digging around for cash, credit cards, or loose change weighed you down.

Once the app is downloaded, all a customer has to do is stand in front of the cash register and say their name to the cashier. A Bluetooth sensor will detect that you have the app and you’ll receive a billing notification shortly after the transaction.

The technology is still very much in a test phase and will begin trials at San Francisco-area Papa John’s and McDonald’s locations.