You Can Zipline Across Niagara Falls This Summer Thanks to One Adrenaline-Loving Company

Is just looking at Niagara Falls too boring for you?

Have you ever been standing there watching the falls and thought to yourself, “You know what would be good right now? Hanging precariously from a string 650 feet above thousands of tons of rushing water.”

Well, you’re in luck, adrenaline junkies, because you can now experience just that.

Wild Play Element Parks is setting up a zipline spanning 670 metres across the wide river gorge to bring you the most memorable view of the falls you’ve ever seen.

For a measly $50, you or anyone you love can have this incredible (and slightly terrifying) experience. All you need is tight-fitted clothing and the ability to sign a waiver form.

Oh, did we mention the minimum age is seven?

Because every parent dreams of watching their child suspended from a rope hundreds of feet above the ground. Don’t worry, though, the children can’t ride without a parent or guardian’s signature.

We’re already convinced; zip, line and sinker.