You Can Now Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Swim Shorts

When it comes to swimwear, you never want to be the guy that shows up to the beach with flames or Hawaiian flowers on his swim shorts.

You want to be the one who shows up wearing shorts that are tailored and compliment your body, with a unique pattern that no one has ever seen before.

Cue Orelbar Brown. The luxury swimwear company has just launched a new line of customizable swimwear that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before and gives you the opportunity to turn your favourite snaps into luxury swim trunks.

The newly released ‘Snapshworts’ are perfect for the guy who has everything – because he can add a photo from his Instagram and design a pair of one-of-a-kind swim shorts.

All you have to do is download the #Snapshorts app from Orlebar and select what image you want to use. Whether it’s a photo of the epic sunset you saw in Ibiza last summer, the avocado toast you had for breakfast, or an epic selfie of yourself, there are no restrictions on what you can choose.

Once your image has been uploaded, you can preview your shorts and edit and rotate your image on the their silhouette. Next, you can choose the length. Orlebar shorts come in long, “Dane II,” medium, “Bulldog,” short, “Setter,” and even shorter, “Springer.”

Once you’ve approved the look, your custom shorts will be delivered within three weeks. The only issue is the price tag: the shorts cost $736 (CAD) a pop. But hey, no one said custom would come cheap.

If you really don’t feel like spending that much on a pair of swimming trunks, you could put the money towards a vacation to one of these must-visit destinations instead.