You Can Now Stay in NYC for $22 USD Per Night…In a Van

You may be able to afford that trip to New York City this summer after all.

In a city notorious for both its sky-high real estate and hefty hotel prices, you can now score a hotel for $22 USD per night.

That is, if you don’t mind forgoing electricity and running water and sleeping in a van.


An Airbnb user named Jonathan Powley is renting out a fleet of 50 vehicles as travelling hotel rooms. The vehicles are strategically parked near public washrooms, showers, and gyms. You’re the only one with access to the vehicle for the duration of your stay – you just can’t drive it.


Sometimes, Powley even lets guests use his apartment to shower.

The vans cost $22 per day, or $160 per week, along with a $6 cleaning fee.

Powley’s unique business model comes amid limits imposed by New York State on Airbnb rentals. The law forbids residents from renting out their homes for less than 30 days, given a few exceptions.PicMonkey Collage

Last year, the state attorney reported that most Airbnb listings in New York City violate that law and restrict the affordable housing market because the owners can rake in more cash from tourists than full-time tenants.

Sleeping in a vehicle, on the other hand, is totally legal.


If sleeping in a van isn’t your thing (despite the real beds inside), you could soon get a glimpse of the whole experience via a documentary tentatively called One Camper, One Hundred Stories that Powley has in the works. The film will feature his guests and share their stories and experiences.

Until then, at least you know it’s an option.