You Can Now Search and Tag Instagram Photos Using Emojis Like Hashtags

We’re one step closer to communication by emoji only. 

Instagram’s latest update gives emojis hashtag functionality, meaning photos that contain them in their caption or comments will show up in searches for those emojis.

“Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a universal visual language,” the company said on a blog post to announce the feature. “With emoji hashtags, you can discover even more by adding them to your own photos and videos, searching them on the Explore page and tapping on them when you see them in captions.”

For Canadians, it may mean your Instagram experience will get a whole lot… sh*ttier. Literally.  

Instagram also announced the release of three new filters – Reyes, Juno and Lark – in case you’re still not using VSCO Cam. 


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