You Can Now Rent a Montreal Castle on Airbnb

10,000 square feet.
Eight bedrooms.
An indoor swimming pool.
A private terrace with gorgeous views of the Saint Lawrence River & Montreal.

Even Jay Z and Beyoncé would be impressed.

Well, who says you can’t live like a king and queen too?

Huffington Post recently wrote about this insane rent-a-castle on Airbnb and it blew the crowns right off our heads. 

The price of living royally? A cool $2,066 per night.

But hey, with 10 beds in 8 bedrooms, all you need is 16 of your closest friends to make this epic stay affordable. 

But if you’re thinking of potentially throwing a bachelor party here, guess again. Castles are for classy evenings, which means no DJs or loud music allowed. We’re sure you could get creative when it comes to hosting the coolest adult slumber party of all time though…

Need convincing on how insanely royal this place really is? Just drool over the pictures below and click here to find out if there’s room left for you to wear the Old Montreal crown for a few days over March break.


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