You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online for Free

Flip cup and beer pong were great during the period of our lives when we treated walk of shames like trophies. 

But alas, we young professionals have moved on. And while we like to keep the word professional a regular part of our party routine, there’s always room for a bit of raunchy, politically incorrect expression.

We’re 18+, after all.

Cards Against Humanity has catered to our craving for adult party games admirably since its launch in 2011, bringing out the worst of us to produce the best (and most hilarious) of memories. If you’re still in the dark about this modern cult classic, consider it like Apples to Apples, but for sociopaths

It really has only two flaws: 

Some parties don’t have the game, and some people simply suck to play with. 

Well, the solution is here: Card Against Originality, a CAH emulator available to play on mobile, tablet or computer, means you can now play online by inviting friends using a custom link. 

Friends and spirits not included, and we certainly would recommend having at least one person in the room with you… otherwise the whole being an asshole drinking alone behind a screen situation is a sociopathic – in a very real, concerning way.

Party on, horrible people.


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