You Can Now Pay to Get Stranded ‘Castaway’-Style on a Stunning Desert Island

Ever watch Castaway and wonder how you’d do if you were dropped on a remote desert island and left to fend for yourself?

Well, now you can – and without the camera crew.

A travel company called Docastaway will let you put your survivor skills to test when they drop you on a deserted, uninhabited island with nothing but a spear gun, knife, and fishing equipment. Meaning, you’ll have to forge for your own food and drink like a true castaway. Accommodations range from nothing at all to bamboo structures.


It’s the first travel company in the world to specialize in holidays and experiences on remote desert islands around the planet. Their destinations are the product of several years of exploring the most uninhabited and isolated tropical corners of the world to discover the remaining few spots that are still secret and untouched by Western influence.

Image: Docastaway

Image: Docastaway

According to their website, Docastaway has “meticulously selected deserted islands with the most secluded pristine beaches in the most beautiful archipelagos around the world… those places where time ceases to exist. These are places in which to escape from reality and lose yourself in nature’s perfect creations.”

If paying to get stranded on a desert island isn’t your idea of a relaxing vacation, the company also offers a range of options in “Comfort Mode,” which include private villas, secluded retreats, eco resorts, and luxury mini-hotels for your comfort. The Docastaway experience is affordable for most budgets (prices begin at $90 USD per night) depending on the option you decide on.

Docastaway holidays are essentially the antithesis of mass tourism. While the palm tree-filled paradise is far from a vacation if you choose the more adventurous option, it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience – and one that will put both your survival skills and relationships to the test.

Real-life castaway vacationsYou can pay money to make your Survivor fantasies come true.

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, March 9, 2016