You Can Now Live in Toronto’s Narrowest Home – if You Can Afford it…

For most young professionals, owning a detached home in Toronto is a pipedream – at least for the time being.

After all, it’s virtually impossible to find one for less than $1 million.

But not totally impossible.

You can now purchase a three-story detached house right in downtown Toronto. It has just one catch…

The home, located at 383 Shuter St. in Regent Park, is one of the narrowest dwellings in Toronto. With walls that brush against the property lines, the house is just eight feet wide.

It may be narrow inside, but the home definitely doesn’t lack character, and has been applauded for its impressive architecture and use of space.

Within the estimated 1,000 square feet of usable space and six levels, the home features two bedrooms, three bathrooms, two balconies, common living spaces, a basement, a renovated kitchen, a deck, a garden, and even a sauna.

The master bedroom also features an en suite bathroom (albeit the size of a cruise ship bathroom), and the home’s ceilings range in height from eight to 10 feet.

The current owners are a married couple and their nine-year-old son (whose bedroom is accessed via a spiral staircase and has a private balcony), who swear that the size of the home has never been an issue in the 25 years they’ve lived there. Although the idea of cramming three people into the space gives us a bit of anxiety, the home would be ideal for a young professional single or couple without kids.

As for the whole Regent Park stigma, we probably don’t have to tell you that the neighbourhood has undergone major changes as of late and isn’t the dangerous, seedy, Regent Park we used to know.

All images courtesy of Realtor.