You Can Now Keep Nutella Thieves Away With This Awesome Lock

Nutella is as sacred as Sunday nights featuring Game Of Thrones.

But the one problem with owning a Nutella jar is that everyone wants to dip in. Always.

Admit it: how many times have you snuck up to your friend or family’s fridge and gluttonously indulged in velvety chocolate goodness? We know we have.

But Daniel Schlobloch, a furniture designer from Germany and soon-to-be global hero, got fed up with getting his holy Nutella jar broken into by intruders and came up with a clever way to keep them out.

“It started out as a joke; one of my friends was always getting worked up because his children were stealing his Nutella,” Schlobloch told The Local.

So to finally put an end this to this travesty, he created an acrylic lock that fastens over the Nutella jar and requires two keys to unlock.

You might be laughing, but over 1000 Nutella locks have already been sold on eBay.

At just $15 CDN, this may just be the novelty gift of the year.

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