You Can Now Get Alcohol Delivered to Your Door in Ontario

Just in time for the upcoming long weekend, Ontarians can now buy beer and liquor from the LCBO online and have it delivered to their front door.

Shoppers can choose from over 5,000 products on, ranging from beers and ciders to whiskeys and cognacs.

Of course, like many online shopping sites, there is a minimum order and delivery fee, $50 and $12 respectively.

However, if you want to skip the delivery charges, you can order a product online and pick it up at your local LCBO for free. Grabbing a bottle of vino after work has never been easier.


To buy from the website, you must create an account with and pay by credit card so they can verify your age. Also not the that it can take between two and four days to get your order, and specialty items could take up to a month.

Still, this is a big move on the part of the LCBO, which has been trying hard to modernize lately.

For instance, late last year they introduced the sale of beer in grocery stores, to the excitement of many Ontarians. And seeing as you can now buy pretty much anything online, it makes sense for the LCBO to get with the times and do the same.