You Can Now Experience a Real Escape Game in Montreal

Welcome to A Maze.

The game begins the moment you step into one of the three rooms. You then have 45 minutes to solve the puzzles within the selected scenario to get out. 

This is not about physical strength, but rather based on observation, logic, deduction and creative thinking. 

Each scenario has a main story and side quests. Everything that is meant to be taken apart, opened, turned, pressed or used in any other way will be, but you’ll have to figure that out.

The best part? You can work as a team in order to pass all the challenges.

Curious as to which three scenarios you can choose to combat? Here they are:

Lost Temple

You will be following a trail that you stumbled upon in a history book at an old bookstore, which speaks of an old shrine that holds a golden idol. You decide to mount an expedition to find out if the legends are true and let the clues guide you and your team to the winning goal.

Mad Scientist Lab

You are a team of military specialists hired by a private firm with a goal to inquire into vanished professor Stroganoff’s disappearance. You come across an old warehouse off the grid where the professor was spotted on several occasions. Rumor had it that Stroganoff built himself a secret lab somewhere in the city, so you decide to investigate if this abandoned property can lead you one step closer to the vanished scientist.

Prison Break

You have been falsely accused of a crime that ties you to a shady mafia family. Your only option is to figure out who the real criminals are and escape from prison before the Vanko family’s agents on the inside come to execute his order and that’s bad news. Trust us.

A Maze is open Wednesday to Sunday and reservations can be made here.

If you fail, don’t worry – the success rate of solving the puzzle the first time around is less than 10 per cent.


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