You Can Now Buy a Wetsuit That Looks Like an Actual Suit

Does having to change clothes before hitting the open water ever both you?

Us too.

But it won’t anymore. ‘Cause iconic surf brand Quicksilver has released a line of wetsuit suits in Japan. Seriously.

According to Mashable Australia, the wetsuits are available in three different styles, black, navy, and tuxedo, all of which are composed of 2mm thick neoprene. They also come with a tie and shirt, each made of quick-dry material. 
And while the practicality of such attire seems limited at best, the awesomeness factor is admittedly through the roof. Or wave. Or whatever gnarly dudes are saying these days.

Regardless, hanging 10 in a tux is as 007 as it gets. Just make sure you don’t forget to leave your phone on the beach. 


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