You Can Now Buy a ‘Smart Collar’ That Will Track Your Pet’s Health

There’s a new development when it comes to the wearable tech of your pampered pet – and it may save you visits to the vet.

The future of smart collars is here.

Two companies now bring two collars that can check your pet for a fever, monitor their pulse and respiration, and even indicate if your pet is in pain. It’s the next best thing to them telling you themselves.

The pet collars can also be programmed to monitor a pet’s specific illness – whether that’s epilepsy or a heart murmur.

PetPace has a medical collar that can measure a dog’s vital signs and other information to look for signs of pain. Any possible irregularities trigger a notice by phone, text, or email. Another company, Voyce, has a consumer version that tracks similar information, along with a Voyce Pro version that’s available to veterinarians to prescribe for pets recovering from surgery or long-term illnesses.

Both dogs and cats over 8 pounds can use them.

PetPace collars are available at for $150 USD per collar and $15 USD a month, while Voyce is available at for $200 USD and $9.95 USD a month.

The only apparent issue is a relatively short battery life, depending on how much data they use. And the fact that you’d be adding to your monthly bills – but hey, it’s your dog or cat, right, also known as family members to most of us.