You Can Buy a Onesie That Looks Exactly Like a Suit

Do you ever wish you could roll into work in that onesie that you live in on the weekend?

Well, now you can.

And it’s going to be completely socially acceptable to do so.

Designed by Jesse Herzog, a financier from San Francisco, the life-changing Suitsy looks like a typical business suit worn over a white shirt (minus the tie, shoes, and belt).

But it’s so not.

The sleeves under the jacket cuffs don’t go anywhere; the shirt is attached to the blazer; and a hidden zipper runs behind the buttons down the front, right from the neck to the base of the fly.
Herzog first has the idea a few years back and sought out a seamstress. The suit’s debut was at the rehearsal dinner for his wedding. He’s now hoping to bring the product to a wider audience of businessmen, and turned to the crowdfunding site Betabrand, where you’ll find the prototype and can order the product.

Because nobody likes an ill-fitting suit, they can be altered just like a real one. Unlike a real one, however, they can be machine-washed – saving on that dry cleaning bill.
Not surprisingly, the fashion world has not reacted kindly.

The idea has been called out by GQ, who knocked the brand with their suggestion that potential purchasers “imagine yourself not being lazy and buying a proper tailored suit instead.”

Call us lazy then, ‘cause we’d happily be in a Suitsy right now.