You Can Now Build Furniture for Your Home With Adult Lego Blocks

Talk about a total #TBF. That’s throwback Friday, if you didn’t know.

Our favourite block toy company, LEGO, has grown up and become an adult thanks to New York company EverBlock by creating a modular block system with pieces wide enough to build life-sized furniture.


The best part? It actually looks super cool.


It’s quick and easy to build nearly anything from décor to modular furniture just by stacking and organizing the universal blocks in almost any shape, pattern, or size.

The pieces can be re-used to build other objects, making EverBlock a truly unique green building method.

The bricks are offered in 12 standard colors, including dark grey, translucent, white, black and some bright tones. They also offer finishing caps to create a flat top surface.


And to help all our crazy chords around the house, each 12″ EverBlock contains two cable channels that allow you to run power cables, create illumination with LED lighting strips, or stabilize larger creations.

Everblocks start at $3.95 per block, or you can purchase a combo pack of 26 single-colour blocks for $150.

Or just check out their rental system.

It feels good to be a kid again.