Yorkdale Eases Holiday Shopping Woes

Many consider shopping to be the worst part of the holiday season. Not specifically the purchasing of gifts for friends and loved ones, but the crowds. Malls are filled with screaming toddlers that should perhaps be on leashes, and there are lines for everything there shouldn’t be a line for, like simply getting into stores and even the bathroom. Yorkdale mall insists on making it easier by providing unique ways to help plan a perfect day of shopping.

We all know how chaotic the Yorkdale parking lot can be. Finding a spot can be difficult, and remembering which of the 7200 spots you parked in even more so. That’s why they have a parking management system at each entrance letting you know how many spots are available. The system can also be downloaded to your mobile phone via the free “Yorkdale App,” and is updated every 15 minutes for your convenience. If that’s not your style, the twitter–savvy can follow @YorkdaleStyle to receive #parkingcanbeeasy updates for swift and painless parking.

Avoid the parking congestion by using their valet parking services. The service is available for a limited time only, from December 1 to January 8, at a cost of only $8. Anyone that spends $50 receives free valet parking the first two and last two shopping hours.

For those who would like to avoid parking all together, take the TTC. Yorkdale mall will reward you with a $10 gift card after presenting your day pass.