Would You Like Free Frites With That?

As of right now, your relationship with fries just got serious. 

That’s because, as of 12pm today, Frites With Benefits has officially opened their new Granville & Nelson location – their first in Vancouver – by giving out free food.

That’s right. Stop what you’re doing. Belgian fries and poutine are being given away for free. 

All you have to do is like their Facebook Page and head on over. You’ll be on the gravy train in no time.

With the rain pounding down outside, opting for comfort food for your insides is basically a reflex action. And if you are heading out to start your Halloween weekend early, we have a feeling tonight won’t be the only time you’re waiting for some of the good stuff to soak up a liquid-filled night. 

Free. Frites. GO. 


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