Worth the Drive: Scopa Neighbourhood Italian

 We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but there are days in your near future when wandering the main streets of inner city Calgary looking for a delicious patio meal will quite frankly be a bad idea.

And like the true Canadians we are, we truly share your disappointment.

The good news, however, is we’ve discovered some excellent alternatives to your usual spots, and can promise they’re well worth the drive.

This week’s must-try destination, Scopa, opened this summer to the applause of every inhabitant of Tuxedo, a neighborhood nestled just north of 16th Ave along Centre St.

Known less for its impressive cuisine and more for its infill homes, this part of the city was itching for somewhere notable to eat.

And they got it.

Stepping inside the ‘neighbourhood Italian’ eatery, you’ll probably feel a slight sense of familiarity.

We’ll save you the Google search: yes, the same wonderful people who brought you Cibo, Bonterra, and Posto own it, so you can expect the same level of quality with the menu and the service. And the same amazing open kitchen concept.

Don’t expect a knock-off, though, as Scopa has its own unique vibe, appropriate for its surroundings. From long-table parties to young families (not too many, don’t worry), everyone’s enjoying themselves.

Yes, even that couple that’s more than likely on a Tinder date.

Somehow, in just a few short months of being open, Scopa has perfected the cozy-yet-vibrant atmosphere of a legit Italian local gem.

Comparing the menu to its sister spots, you’ll also find some distinctive flavour. The offerings fall somewhere in between Cibo and Bonterra on the trendy scale, with mouthwatering arancini and innovative pizzas, but classic family-style dishes, like lasagna that blends beef, pork, and veal, also deliver their own identity.

And then there’s the wine.

Trust them on the wine.

So if you’re dreading heading inside to the same old 17th Ave. interior for the next six months, make use of that Car2Go membership and take a little trip up to Tuxedo.

It’s good to feel like you’re part of the neighbourhood.



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