Worst First Date Ever? Guy Asks for $9 Back After Rejected for Second Date

We’ve talked to you about dating.

A. Lot.

But, it seems, there are simply some things that cannot be taught. Like, grace, humility, and how not to be a total d-bag.

Well, Luke Mackay‘s friend recently went out with the latter – and Mackay posted the text conversation to prove it. In it, you will see a man being aggressive, pushy, whiny, and ultimately cheap (asking for £4.50 back), all in the name of ‘fairness’.

It seems this guy doesn’t understand how dating works. You see, there’s a chance being taken on both sides – well, a lot of chances, really. Showing up is one of those chances. So is buying someone a drink. And so is the possibility of having to deal with someone asking you to pay them back for the drink they bought you.

Mackay’s friend, however, comes across as arguably the most patient women in modern dating. Hopefully she finds someone she deserves soon. As for the guy, well, let’s just hope he’s not your next right swipe on Tinder…


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