This is the Worst Apartment Rental Ad in All of Canada

Renting an apartment in Toronto is getting increasingly tougher, with prices rising and vacancy falling by the day.

It’s no surprise, then, that landlords are taking advantage of the market. A recent upload on imgur reveals what kind of insanity renters are dealing with.

The post shows an ad for an apartment to rent in Toronto, with some pretty outrageous conditions. The unfortunate soul who’ll eventually settle on this place out of necessity won’t be allowed to have any guests over, and must be in the apartment as little as possible during the day. They’ll also have to share it, presumably with the unreasonable person who crafted this masterpiece.

Perhaps the worst part of all is the imprisonment clause – whoever commits to the apartment will have to sign at least a one-year contract. No photos were included, of course.


We pity the first-year undergrad who will eventually call this place home.