Work Hard, Play Hard: This Desk Turns into a Fully-Stocked Bar

Who says you have to choose between having a bar or a desk in your tiny condo?

Jonathan Odom, a designer from the Instructables Design Studio in San Francisco has designed the perfect solution to help your “work hard, play hard” cause.

It’s called the Transforming Bar Desk.

The piece was designed via the 3D modeling program Fusion 360, and the pieces were cut on a Shopbot CNC router. Making your life easier (that is, if you’re good at this type of thing), the piece can also be built by printing out paper templates provided by Odom and cutting the plywood sheets with a jigsaw.

Within seconds, you can go from work mode to play mode as the desk easily converts to a bar.

The design includes a cork-backed wall at the back of the desk that pivots on wooden dowel posts on the sides of the desk. Once you pull the desk away from the wall and fold down the back wall, and it becomes a bar with seating for three with stools.

The back of the bar houses a full stash of booze, with room for more than 20 bottles. There’s also a shelf for bar wear and a nook for an ice bucket or cutting board. Odom even added a drawer for his synthesizer so he could play during work hours.

Now that’s what we call a good use of space.